How To Open Link In new Window or New Tab
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Make the link open in a new window / new tab is an important thing, namely that visitors still have access to a referral page where he found a new link is clicked. In addition, the owner of the blog / website, it is also advantageous because the visitor does not immediately leave our blog / website because of the new window to be opened.

In addition, posting the article being read by the visitor did not disappear replaced by new pages from the link which is clicked by a visitor. Visitors can still read the article until after he saw a reference link contained in the reply post. For example, click on this link . Link that I refer to the page that will open up through the window. You still have to re-viewed this page and read.

Here are tags that I use for the link: 
<a href="http://www.doku-media.com" target="_blank"> open link in new tab </ a>
Code target = "_blank" is the command to the browser to open links in new window. In some other forms, some are using the code target = "blank" or target = '_blank', and   everything works the same alias effect.

Basic tag as a command to open a new window from a link is the target and the target = "_self" is the basic command to open a link in the same window. By default, web pages usually have to have this command automatically, so no need to add anymore. This code is specific to a page that has frames.

If the link in the content / post you a lot and you want the window / new tab is opened by the visitor is not too much, you can give the command code target = "output" in the links to open in New Same Window mote window ). For example, click on the links below:
This code is used for the links above: 
<a href="http://www.doku-media.com/search/label/template" target="output">Example Link new tab the same </ a>
<a href="http://www.doku-media.com/search/label/download" target="output"> new tab the same Link 2 </ a>
<a href="http://www.doku-media.com/search/label/tips-and-trick" target="output">new tab the same link 3 </ a>
To make all existing links in the blog / website   open in new window automatically, paste the code <base target='_blank'/> or <base target="_blank"> between <head> and </ head> in the HTML template. Change _blank to the output if you want all links in the blog / website opens in new window same.

Doku-Media - Tips and Tricks --- Open Link in New Window or New Tab 
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